Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dzen Farms Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Photos by Benner Boswell

It is a strange day when you find yourself with too many strawberries. I don't mean a two-pint massive container from Costco. I don't mean when you buy bland California strawberries that don't taste good enough to eat, so you have too many and too many that are going bad.

I mean 8 quarts of freshly picked strawberries from Dzen Farm in South Windsor, CT. We are talking EIGHT QUARTS of unbelievably sweet and juicy strawberries. These are the best strawberries I have ever had. It's not just my bias towards local farms either. I took a quart to my best friend's graduation party and several of her relatives agreed that they were the best strawberries ever.

Back to the point: What do you do with that many strawberries?
Answer: Make Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!

Recipe to come but here are a few starting tips:

1) Julia Child's Paté Brisée dough recipe + 2 tablespoons of sugar (in the dough) (Flour, vegetable shortening, butter, sugar, salt, ice water)
2) One quart of native strawberries (Dzen Farms)
3) 3 pieces of rhubarb, chopped
4)White Sugar
5) Brown Sugar
6) Corn Starch
7) Salt
8) 1 egg white wash (on the crust)

Photo by Benner Boswell

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  1. That looks extremely delicious, even though I am a rhubarb pie purest.